Support the Military and Law Enforcement

This one is near and dear to my heart,  I am a military mom, I have 2 in the air force and I am extremely proud of them.  It’s hard on a mom’s heart to let her children go, and then to let them go to serve for a country where some of the people don’t appreciate that they chose to serve their country.  To go without seeing their family from months to years on end.  I honor and support our military, I would die for my children, but to put my life on the line for others who don’t care if you live or die, not sure I could.  God died for all of us whether you believe or not and these men and women took an oath to do the same if necessary.  I miss my children each and everyday, every holiday, their birthdays. I just feel like they need the support of the people they are protecting, keeping you from harm to the best of their ability.  Give them kudos for something their doing and we don’t have the guts too.

Now for our law enforcement, they also risk their lives to protect and serve they need our support, and yes there are some bad souls out there, some who don’t need to be in that position.  Not all are though we have to remember that just because there is one bad doesn’t make them all that way.  You truly have to believe in the good ones to stand strong and make things right when the bad are doing their worst to weaken our trust in humanity.  I think we have to trust that the right will out way the wrong.  If you’ve lost someone to a bad person I can’t even imagine how you feel, I could not understand how sometimes we go on, but I think the saying goes out of the ashes we will rise.

If you’re medical personnel I want to give a shout to you as well, you’re seeing things that would make anyone cry, cringe and want to give into all the despair, yet you go on day after day unappreciated, exhausted from the 12 shift you just put in and you’re still smiling and upbeat. Your feet hurt and your hungry, but your patient needs you so off you go. You have thankless days and nights spent away from your family, but yet you do it and don’t complain.

So here’s to all of the above THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, we so often don’t show our appreciation, so I hope this brings a smile to your face and your heart if only for a moment.

Again this my thoughts and opinions and mine alone.

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