Eating Out

So the subject of eating out, well really if you tip or not.  I do even when the service is not up to par.  Most establishments only pay $2.13 an hour.  Servers work basically for the tips, because what hourly money they make goes to pay the taxes on what they have to claim.  So should you tip…….  Yes, if your service is great tip 20% and if your service is mediocre then maybe tip a bit less, just remember that servers are living on their tips, and out of their tips they have to tip out the busser, the food runner, and the hostess.  Even if this is only $3 a person that’s $9 and if they have to tip out the bartender too that can get expensive over the course of a week.

If you don’t have the money to tip then stay at home, get delivery, or go thru the drive-thru.  These people are working by the hour as you do and sometimes the hours can be very long.  They are away from their family, they work holidays, nights, weekends.

You demand to have your food delivered in a timely manner and for the most part they abide with your wishes, but when the kitchen is backed up, and you’ve waited to long you get upset and irritated, and for the most part you take it out on them.  I’m not saying overlook it but get the manager, that’s the person who should have everything under control, making sure the staff is caught up and especially the kitchen.  Having a well staffed kitchen and floor is important for good customer service and an even flow of food from the kitchen.

So next time you go out to eat be kind, tip well and the return will be worth it.  I’m not saying that you will always have a good experience, because you won’t that’s just how things work, but if you’re patient and kind it will have its own reward.  Remember to pay it forward.  Again this is my opinion and mine alone.

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