The Etiquette of Shopping

I would like to start by saying this is my opinion and mine alone.  I have been in retail for  well lets just say a long time. I would like to address a few points of interest.  When you work retail the hours are long and often times unappreciated by management and customers alike.  I consider my place of employment like a second home, mainly because I spend many hours there, with that said I would like to say that I give you my courtesy by speaking to you when you come through my door, I would like an acknowledgement when I speak to you.  I do my best not to be on the phone during your visit and I would like the same from you.  I have been assigned the task of helping you find the perfect item that you desire.  I’ll give you my undivided attention to help you if you’ll let me.  Ladies if you’re trying on clothes don’t put the bottle of foundation on before you come, I don’t have a washer and dryer nor should I have to clean the brand new clothes you just ruined with your makeup. Also please refrain from wearing the whole bottle of perfume to the store, the saying goes a little dab will do you.
Now ladies if the store says no returns, no refunds and its stamped on your receipt don’t think you’re the one princess that it will be allowed for, it WILL NOT its there for a reason, respect that.  You can’t wear it for your event and then try to return it because you don’t like it or it suddenly doesn’t fit. Get the size that fits not the one you think does. It has nothing to do with size and everything to do with fit, you want to look nice not slutty, save that for the bedroom and in private.  Act like a lady and you’ll be treated like one, act like a bitch and be treated like one.

Now on to the next, when shopping please bear in mind we are not babysitters, our businesses are not playgrounds if you have to bring your children shopping with you bring someone responsible with you to watch them while you pick out your choices.  If in case you don’t have someone then bring something for you children to do a toy to play with or a book to read, shopping is not an easy task for anyone especially for the little ones. Teach them to not touch things that are not theirs to touch and respect the place of business as they would your home.  We have a lot to do, the safety of our customers and the safety of our employees and also keeping stock in the store until purchased and not walking out because we are distracted by other things that should not be a problem.

I appreciate your business and your thoughtfulness is appreciated as always.

Bitches Brew

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